Feather Sticks

Learn how to make feather sticks to quickly get a fire going in wet weather, all with a single match.

Bushcraft Pot Hanger

This adjustable bushcraft pot hanger, that also doubles as a walking stick, is a great dual-purpose item to add to your kit.

Twig Bundle Fire

The twig bundle fire is a great way to get a hot fire going with just one match. In this video, see why Mors Kochanski called it a survival twig bundle.

Bush Coffee

There’s nothing better than enjoying a cup of bush coffee (also called cowboy coffee) next to a campfire. In this video, learn how to make cheap coffee taste great with this simple method.


In this video I go over the non-inverting slippery bowline, parbuckle, and slippery sheet bend knots that I used every day while living in the woods for two months. Prior to learning it this way, I used to tie something similar and just called it a trucker’s hitch.

Natural Cordage Bow Drill

I filmed this bow drill fire (friction fire) while I was on my solo canoe trip at Jack Mountain. The spindle and fireboard came from the same cedar tree. I made a new fireboard as the one in the beginning was too small for the spindle. Note: I didn’t mind briefly demonstrating a bow drill […]