Some have expressed an interest in supporting the site with a custom subscription amount. Unfortunately, that’s not an option just yet. Since the donation page hasn’t really been advertised, most didn’t know it was there. There you can specify the amount you’d like to contribute. A donate link has also been added to the free […]

Video Player Issues

There have been some reported issues with the video player. I reached out to the player developers and they’ve already rolled out an update to address the main issues. However, there are still a couple things that need to be fixed. Thanks for your patience while this gets sorted out.

Access Issues

There have been some reports of access issues to the paid content. There will be an update to the software to fix this so that it doesn’t happen in the future. All of the affected accounts have had their access restored. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Video Delay

Due to the holidays, and the cold snap here, videos have been a little delayed. This morning it’s -5F/-21C and it’s supposed to get to -22F/30C in a couple of days. The camera equipment doesn’t work well when it gets below 0F/-18C without a raging fire next to it. Even then, the autofocus sometimes goes […]

Newsletter Changes

Many requests have been received for email notifications when new videos are released. However, since videos in the Outdoors section are released weekly, the newsletter must change from once a month to about once a week. In the last newsletter, I asked people to reply with their notification preferences. All were in favor of notifications […]