Hi, I’m Matthew, the owner of WildernessLiving.com.

I was born and raised in Kentucky and spent most of my childhood outdoors. In pursuit of a career, I ventured off to major cities all over the country and became citified in the process. In 2015, I realized that I had lost touch with the natural world and decided to go back to the basics and learn wilderness skills that were once commonplace.

I initially learned from Mors Kochanski’s books and videos. Then, I took what I read and watched and put it into practice. You can only learn so much without actually doing it yourself. So, I’d head out to the woods and build shelters, light fires, and practice knots. It immediately became one of my greatest passions.

I started documenting my journey toward becoming a competent woodsman with self-filmed videos of stays in the woods with my dog, Luna. I discovered that editing a video to make yourself seem like you know more than you do isn’t difficult. So I opted to show things from a novice’s perspective; mistakes and all.

My wife and I moved away from the city and now live in remote Montana, surrounded by thousands of acres of national forest. Once we arrived, I immediately began searching for people I could learn from. I picked the brains of lifelong hunters, asked local butchers for advice on game processing, and received training through a nine-week immersion course in traditional wilderness skills.

journeyman certification

I also became friends with members of the Flathead Party of the American Mountain Men. They were gracious enough to take me in and teach me how the mountain men of old did things.

In 2021, I deleted all of my social media once and for all. I still wanted to have a place to share my experiences and discuss the subjects that I’m so passionate about. WildernessLiving.com is now the home for all of that.